25 April 2022

Art Week


During the last week of the Spring term, we focused our energy on Art around the theme of Diversity. We studied several diverse artists and learnt about their Art to inspire our own. 


Faith Ringgold’s art inspired our story quilts, Alma Woodsey Thomas inspired our fingerprint mandalas, tye-dyes and stamped clay relief and Yayou Kasama inspired our paintings of polka-dot pumpkins and flowers made from clay. The Year 6 children produced some wonderful paper weaves and mixed media collages that were inspired by El Anatsui and Pacita Abad.


Our work is currently being exhibited through the main corridor. 


Art Week Review

“All the artwork is very different and all unique. It is very beautiful and I think I speak for everyone when I say this was a very fun way of learning about the different ways of art. Some are messy, some are extremely beautiful but they are all amazing. They all show how much creativity all the students have.

It’s been incredibly interesting learning about the different artists and what they have achieved over the years. It’s about being different and creative with art. The students have really expressed their creativity and have made the artwork 10 times better than anyone had expected.”

By Zena Thomas (Year 5 Beech)


Art Week Review

Every piece of art work is unique in its own way.

I speak for everyone – we really enjoyed the art week. It was fun and exciting to learn about different artists and the things they have achieved. The different year groups have created some funny and some are amazing and they are all creative.

I think art week was fun for everyone and something everybody would do again.

Every student learnt something new and have a breath-taking piece of art.

When you walk past the corridor your eyes are caught on the bright artwork.

By Ava Jordan (Year 5 Beech)


Art Week Review

All of the art work on this display is beautiful and different. Some are fancy, some are messy but that is what makes them unique. Although some are messy, you think WOW when you go past it. It is amazing. It shows our school in a special way. It takes your breath away. You just have to stop when you go past it.

Personally, I think that everyone has enjoyed this, even those who don’t like art.

By Charlotte Capp (Year 5 Beech)