Week beginning 23rd February 2021


Dear Maple class and families,


We hope you had a lovely rest during the half term.


This half term our topic is called ‘Here, There and Everywhere’.  We will be learning about lots of different forms of transport.

We are starting our topic this week with the theme of Space.

https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/video/quicktime  Mrs Lawrence Space Week .MOV


Any resources/worksheets that may be needed can be found below


  • What do you already know about Space?
  • Listen to the PowerPoint ‘What is up in Space’.
  • Listen to the PowerPoint ‘Amazing Astronauts’.
  • This is a British astronaut called Tim Peake He went to Space in 2015.
  • Listen to the PowerPoint to find out about Tim Peake.
  • Listen to Tim Peake read a story from space.
  • Can you find out some facts about some other astronauts e.g. Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong.
  • Find out about some space facts that you would like to know more information about.
  • You could design your own planet. Draw a picture of it and think about what shape and colours it might be.  What would you call it? Describe your planet?  Who lives on your planet?  What do they eat? What else can you tell me about your planet? You could make up your own alien language!
  • Go outside when it is dark, or look out of the window and talk about what you can see. Can you count the stars? Can you find the moon? Does the sky change from one night to the next?
  • Create a vehicle that you could use to travel into space. What would it look like? You could create a rocket using cardboard tubes, a spacecraft using old boxes or you could design a different type of vehicle to get you there!
  • Make a straw rocket how far did your rocket fly?
  • Can you make a stomp rocket?
  • Make a squeezy bottle rocket
  • Have a go at making some moon sand.
  • Listen to the story Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy
  • Sequence the pictures and retell the story.
  • Can you find a cardboard box and some of the other things that baby bear takes to the moon and act out the story?
  • Write a list of things that you would take in your space rocket to the moon.


Here are some activities that you could complete based around the story.

  • Sequence the story and retell what happened.
  • Design a pair of underpants.
  • Design an alien.
  • Make some puffy paint to paint your alien.
  • Make an alien mask.
  • If an alien came to visit you what would you do? Play football? Go to the park?
  • Plan a tea party on the moon for the aliens. You could draw pictures of the food you want at the party. Think about what kind of food an alien might like - star biscuits, rocket jelly or moon cheese balls, the possibilities are endless!


  • You could use the recipes and make some space star biscuits or rock cakes.
  • If you would like to complete some craft activities on the theme of space then click here.




  • On February 18th NASA landed a rover on Mars.  Click here to find out more details about this mission.
  • Complete some Maths activities. 
  • Watch a Numberblocks episode about number 15.
  • Work through the All about 15 PowerPoint.
  • Watch a Numberblocks episode about the number 16.
  • Work through the All about 16 PowerPoint.
  • Watch the 3D shapes PowerPoint and discuss the properties of 3D shapes.
  • Watch the Name the Shape 3D PowerPoint.
  • Go on a 3D shape hunt.
  • Make some 3D shapes using the Alien shape nets.


  • Our World is the Charanga/Yumu activities for this half term.



  • This week is the last week of our Phase 3 phonics. On Thursday and Friday, I have put some activities into to check your child’s understanding of the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and words.

Next week the phonics will be based on Phase 4.  However please do not move onto learning the phase 4 sounds until your child is confident with the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and words.  This is what we would do in school.

  • Keep practising your phonic sounds and key words in your pencil case.
  • Practise your handwriting using the sheets that were in your home learning pack.


Please continue to read every day.

If you have any questions or would like to share some work, please email me on:





Please continue to send me work children have completed, if you have any difficulties, please email me and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. If you need anything printed please let me know.



Thank you for your continued support.



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