Hanslope Primary School Home Learning Grid

Homework club for Y3 and 4 is to be held every Tuesday – 12:30-1.00 pm.

Homework club for Y5 and 6 is to be held every Wednesday – 12:00-12:30 pm.


At Hanslope Primary School we recognise and acknowledge the important role that parents and carers play in a pupil’s education and the positive impact that learning outside of the classroom can have on child development and progress. For this reason, all pupils at the school are expected to undertake regular home learning activities.


For all pupils this includes daily reading. Reading books are selected from the ‘banded’ book boxes and/or from either of our two libraries; KS2 pupils will choose the appropriate level of book as directed by their class teacher. Pupils in EYFS and KS1 select books which are at the appropriate level for their phonics ability. Regular assessment by the class teacher ensures that pupils move through the book levels at a pace which is right for them and which matches their progress with the development of their reading skills.


Home-School Books include pages where reading activities can be logged and commented upon by the parent/carer and these should be completed daily. We use this information, in conjunction with our ongoing internal assessments, to determine the point at which individuals transition to the next level.

More formal homework is also set and this varies across the year groups (further information can be found on the school website under ‘Learning’ then ‘Homework Advice’https://www.hanslopeschool.co.uk/learning-/homework-advice):


Year Group

Daily tasks

Weekly/ occasional tasks


Reading and keywords.                                             

Phonics practice (5 minutes).

Occasional topic related tasks.

Year 1

Reading and keywords.                                            Phonics practice (5-10 minutes).

Maths / topic tasks.

Year 2

Reading and phonics practice (10 minutes).

Spelling words.

Maths – occasional maths worksheets and/or arithmetic practice.

Years 3 and 4


Spelling practice.

Times Tables Rock Stars. An additional maths sheet may be set.

An English based task e.g. reading comprehension, writing, grammar or handwriting.

Homework will be set on a Monday and due in the following Monday.

Year 5

Reading.                                                                            5 Garage games a week on Times Table Rock Stars.        Spelling practice on Spelling Shed.                                        

One piece of Maths.  

One piece of English.

Homework will be set on a Monday and due in the following Monday.

Year 6


5 Garage games a week on Times Tables Rock Stars.                                                                                    Spelling practice on Spelling Shed.

One piece of Maths

One piece of English

Homework will be set on a Monday and due in the following Monday.


How can I support my child at home?

Some parents may wish to support their pupils by helping with research and directing pupils to resources that can be used. Parents can also give support by providing a work space for pupils at home and ensuring they manage their time well by working on their home learning for the appropriate time each week. The home learning tasks set need to represent the pupils own work, so parents should provide support and encouragement, but not do the work for the child.


The best and most important way to support your child’s education is to read with them every day. This means not just hearing them read but sharing stories and reading to them.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.


Helpful Websites


Please click on this link to find tips on reading with your child and examples of questions that you could use to ask about books:


Advice for parents, when reading with children at home and free e books are available on:


Please click on this link to find examples of websites that you could use to practise times tables and maths skills with your child.

For Times Tables Rock Stars:


For Hit the Button:


Top Marks is generally good for a variety of maths games:


Maths Frame is also good for a range of different games: