Intent, Implementation and Impact of our Music Curriculum


At Hanslope Primary School it is our intent that we make music an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children. Our teaching encompasses a range of elements including developing the children’s ability to understand rhythm and follow a beat. Also, through singing songs, children learn about the structure and organisation of music.  We teach them to listen and to appreciate different forms of music.  Children develop descriptive language skills in music lessons when learning about how music can represent different feelings, emotions and narratives.  We also teach technical vocabulary such as volume, pitch, beat and rhythm and encourage children to discuss music using these terms.


The music curriculum ensures that children sing, listen, play, perform and evaluate. This is embedded in classroom teaching as well as in the weekly singing assemblies, various concerts, celebration assemblies and performances.

Through the musical programme Kapow, teachers are able to provide inclusive lessons for all children to access the musical curriculum in a fun and engaging way, further promoting a love of learning music. The elements of music are taught in classroom lessons so that children are able to use some of the language of music to dissect it and understand how it is made, played, appreciated and analysed.  Additionally, children are given the opportunity to explore various tuned and untuned instruments, enabling them to use a range of methods to create notes as well as enabling them to learn how to read basic music notation. Our pupils also learn how to compose, focusing on different dimensions of music, which in turn feeds their understanding when listening, playing or analysing music. Composing or performing using body percussion and vocal sounds are also part of the curriculum which develops their understanding of musical elements.

There is progression in teaching and learning across the year groups and teachers refer regularly to the skills progression document to ensure that the appropriate skills are taught and practised.

At Hanslope Primary School we are committed to ensuring that children understand the value and importance of music in the wider community and that they are able to use their musical skills, knowledge and experiences to involve them in music in a variety of different contexts.  These include in school Harvest and Easter celebrations as well as Christmas and end of year productions. There is an active school choir who participate in both local and national events: singing at events at the local church, taking part in the national Young Voices concert, and putting on a summer concert to their families. Children can also access extra-curricular instrument lessons from specialist music teachers.


As a result of the music curriculum, children at Hanslope Primary School develop a love of music and an increased understanding of the impact that music can have on their own and others’ lives. Children demonstrate progression of knowledge and skills which they continuously build on and embed. Through music, children develop the fundamental competencies of confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity and commitment. 

Throughout all of this the child’s enjoyment of music is a key element running alongside the taught musical skills and objectives.

Link Governor: Sarah Shakespeare

Subject Leader: Mr Chris Ward and Mrs Jenny Broughton



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