Intent, Implementation and Impact of our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


At Hanslope Primary School, we believe that the Early Years are crucial for children to develop a secure foundation for future learning. We aim for children to develop a positive attitude to school and learning, which will stay with them as they move through the years, taking them from primary into secondary education. We recognise that every child is unique, celebrating and welcoming differences within our school community. We value partnerships with parents and carers and know that this will support children to become independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential. We view all children as individual learners and believe that they can achieve in their own unique way. We believe that all children deserve memorable experiences and promote this by providing a broad, creative and meaningful curriculum filled with first-hand experiences. We know that these experiences allow children’s natural curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm for learning to flourish. We aim to foster our pupil’s awareness of and involvement in their local community through frequent experiences which give them a sense of belonging. We aim for all children, to have the confidence and skills to become independent learners, make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners who make excellent progress from their varied starting points.


At Hanslope Primary School we provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which is developed through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.  There are seven key areas of learning and development that shapes our educational programme. 

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


We recognise the importance of giving our children the best possible start to their education by planning and implementing teaching and learning opportunities across all seven key areas in our indoor and outdoor environment. Our curriculum supports curiosity, wonder and awe through learning. We encompass and support the unique needs and interests of each child, enabling them to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, recognising children’s prior learning and experiences which are built upon as they move through our school.


The Early Learning Goals summarise the knowledge, skills and understanding that all young children should have gained by the end of their Foundation year.  We work hard to ensure that all children progress across the EYFS curriculum from their differing starting points to reach the Early Learning Goals by the end of the year. We observe children and collect evidence to show progress across all elements of the EYFS curriculum. This evidence is used to inform planning and also to enable children to build on and extend their knowledge and understanding. The children’s progress is tracked to ensure that the rates of progress are good for all individuals.  By the end of the first year of school at Hanslope Primary School, despite varied and diverse starting points, we aim for all children to be ready for their next stage of learning as we support them through their transition to Year One with the firm foundations required for future learning.

Link Governor: Beth Metcalf

Subject Leader: Mrs Jane Fox

Early Years Foundation Stage

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