Meet the House Captains and Vice Captains




Hi, I am Deer’s House Captain. I’m most passionate about music, dancing, and art. I have two dogs named Sukie and Peanut. I also have two gerbils (Gus and Kurt). I really indulge in playing the guitar. I’m good with little kids (even their tears). I’m really excited for this new role. Thank you. 

Hi, I am Vice Captain of Deer. I am a huge fan of playing and watching football. I play for Hanslope Hornets, and I also support Manchester United. I am looking forward to being a good role model to the younger children and I am looking forward to helping where I can. 



It’s such a pleasure to be chosen as House Captain for Owl. My favourite things to do are: cross country, drawing, and writing. I am sure I will provide the best experience possible for Owl House. I will be fair, and I won’t cheat whilst counting the house points on a Friday. Go Owl! 

Hi, I’m Vice-Captain for Owl House. I like reading, writing, and skateboarding. I have a group of amazing friends including other house and vice captains. It is a pleasure to be chosen for this job in Year 6. 







Hi, I am the House Captain of Squirrel. I play lots of sports and I especially love cricket. I live with my mum, dad, and brother. I think I will have a great impact on Squirrel House this year by supporting all members. 


I am Vice-Captain for Squirrel House. I have a competitive, loud, and crazy personality and am always ready to learn. I absolutely love sports and have competed twice for our school cross country team. I also love reading and have just finished the Harry Potter book collection. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to the year ahead.



I am the House Captain of Fox House. I love dancing and go every Saturday for an hour or two. I play guitar and piano. I like music. It is a real privilege to be House Captain and I cannot wait to take on the role.


I am kind, caring, and determined. I can't wait to begin the role of Vice Captain for Fox to listen to others, make quick decisions, and help people. In my spare time, I like to play football and play video games. I support Watford.